Year Two

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year two

About Year Two




The Second Year of HSSM is all about stepping out in your new found identity in Christ. In Year two we go deeper into launching you into your gifting and call. Whether you are called to business, teaching, arts, church leadership, world missions, or family, our hearts desire is to see you rise up to your pre designed intention and effect the world around you with the Christ within you! In this second year we focus on:

  1. Leadership
  2. Taking even more risks of Faith
  3. How to be bold with your Faith
  4. Discover the call of God on your life and how to aline yourself to see fruit and abundance in those areas.
  5. We continue in the activation of the Gifts of the Spirit and learn how to operated out of a life of Intimacy First with Jesus
  6. Missions opportunities

These are some of the highlights of HSSM year two we encourage all students who have complete year one to continue with year two. Your life will never be the same as your are activated to fulfill the plan and destiny God created for you!


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