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Hope Supernatural School of Ministry (HSSM) is committed to the truth that God loves people, gave Himself for them and has given His Church supernatural power to bring individuals and nations into wholeness. God is good! HSSM uses the foundation of Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry, weaved in with the mandate God has placed on our hearts to release His kingdom in central Florida. Founded in 2012 with close to 20 students, HSSM has been committed to raise up revivalist that will effect the culture.

Our Approach

Our Story


HSSM is a Holy Spirit driven ministry school where students from all ages come to learn how to live in the Kingdom of God and extent it’s borders through a supernatural lifestyle. The school is multi-generational with participants ranging from the ages of 16-80. One of HSSM’s core values is honor, which manifest through joining the generations and teaching every age group to value and serve one another.

Student Life

The school is designed to equip students to live a supernatural lifestyle. We encourage every student to be naturally supernatural by bringing heaven to earth wherever they go. We ask for a commitment of 2 nights a week during the school year for teaching and added outreach and ministry times at least once a month. Our school year generally follows the August-May Academic calendar year. HSSM is not for those looking for a place to rehab or people who are seeking freedom from a lifestyle of sin. Our School is designed to be a ministry training center where our students encounter their royal identity, learn the attributes of the Kingdom and walk in the authority and power of the King.

Meet the Team

Here are the ones that make HSSM possible

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Kent and Shay Michalik

HSSM Directors

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Roger Hackenberg



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Kelsea Parschauer

Worship Leader